Honey Bee gives a proportion of its profits to supporting honey bee colonies, other pollinators, beekeepers around the world and other environmental initiatives.

This year, 2023 we have supported:

Bees for Development has helped some of the world’s poorest people become self-sufficient through beekeeping for over 30 years.


2B Enterprising inspires the next generation of ambitious, healthy, enterprising and informed citizens. We raise the aspirations of young people whilst introducing them to valuable life experiences and key skills.


Steve Cotney, local beekeeper

Steve is based in Guildford, Surrey and has about 60 hives

“Bees pollinate about one-sixth of the world’s flowering plants and some 400 species of its agricultural plants. Poorly pollinated plants produce few, poorer quality and lower yield fruits and seeds with detrimental consequences to the economy. One of the few farm activities that can actually increase yields, not just protect existing ones from loss, is to encourage good pollination by bee management.”

Steve Cotney