‘Adele’s 30 Greatest Moments ‘

1×120′, Channel 5

This programme celebrates Adele’s triumphant return to the spotlight by counting down the megastar’s top 30 moments since she first burst onto the scene and captured our hearts in 2008.

From record-breaking album releases; chill-inducing emotional performances; professional highs and personal triumphs, through to her funniest moments – this illuminating celebration of Adele’s career and life will provide special insight into her unique personality and world.

‘Costco: Is It Really Worth It?’

1×60, Channel 5

A look at the workings of the membership-only retailer, examining if its own-brand products are really premium ones in disguise, and putting them to the test. The programme also explores the history of Costco, looks at the ways it gets its customers to spend, and reveals how the business manages to keep prices so low.


14×60, Reelz/Vibrophil Media

On-stage they are world-famous, flamboyant showmen that have defined generations, inspired millions and created the soundtracks to our lives. Off-stage they are frequently destructive, controlling and angry with highly complex lives who struggle to hold down relationships and often abuse drugs and alcohol. A key ingredient of any frontman is an intense appetite for success and adulation, coupled with great charisma and musical talent. This series of programmes is about the extraordinary individuals who have followed this path.

‘Ross Kemp: Shipwreck Treasure Hunter’ 

4×60’, Sky History

In each episode Ross Kemp will be joined by expert diver Emily Turton and maritime archaeologist and expert diver Mallory Haas on expeditions to the most spectacular shipwrecks in the UK, uncovering hidden treasures and history from Britain’s past.

‘Britain’s Tiger Kings: On the Trail with Ross Kemp

2×60′, ITV, premiered March 2021

Distributed by BossaNova Media 


‘Agatha Christie: 100 Years of Poirot and Miss Marple’

1×90′, Channel 5 and Britbox, premiered October 2020.

Distributed by Abacus Media Rights: https://www.abacusmediarights.com

This programme marks the 100th anniversary of Agatha Christie’s novels following the publication of her first book ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’.  This one off celebratory programme explores her ten most iconic works in chronological order; from ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ to ‘And Then There Were None’ and ‘Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case’, these timeless depictions remind us of another age, and also the brilliance of her literature.

‘Inside the Mind: Freddie Mercury’

1×90′, Channel 5 (and Reelz US). Tx’d May 2021 on Reelz.

Distributed by Abacus Media Rights: https://www.abacusmediarights.com

Renowned psychiatrist, Dr Bob Johnson, explores the incredibly complex and unusual life of Freddie Mercury. He examines the forces and experiences that shaped his unique personality – from his early life in Zanzibar growing up as Farrokh Bulsara to the creation of his flamboyant, charismatic and chart topping stage persona, Freddie Mercury.

‘Inside the Mind: Michael Jackson’

1×90’, Channel 5 (and Reelz US).

Distributed by Abacus Media Rights: https://www.abacusmediarights.com

Psychiatrist Dr Bob Johnson unravels the life of Michael Jackson and asks what led this complex and controversial figure down a path of self-destruction. From a childhood of abuse and early superstardom to untold riches, accusation and exile, to an untimely death.

‘Axl Rose: Guns N’ Roses Frontman’ 

1×120’, Reelz US, premiered January 2021

Distributed by Abacus Media Rights: https://www.abacusmediarights.com

A poignant look at the turbulent life of the definitive self-destructive and unpredictable frontman who achieved stratospheric success as a rock star but whose penchant for destroying relationships became as legendary as his electrifying stage antics.

Between them the producers at Honey Bee have made thousands of hours of television for BBC 1, 2, 3 and 4, ITV, Channel 5, Sky and Reelz in the US.

Many of these projects have been distributed globally. Programmes include (click on title to watch):

Sir Trevor McDonald’s Indian Train Adventure, 2×60′ ITV

Autopsy: The Last Hours, Seasons 1-10 Reelz USA and Channel 5 UK (drama-doc) over 100 episodes, still in production and sold to 140 territories around the world.

Cribs 8×30’, MTV

Breaking the Band Seasons 1-3 Reelz 24×60’

Paddington 24/7 (Seasons 1-4, ob-doc), C5, 26×60’

Sir Trevor McDonald on Martin Luther King, (Landmark doc for 50th anniversary of his death) ITV/Reelz US/SBS Aus 1×120′

An Hour to Catch a Killer with Sir Trevor McDonald, (formatted doc) ITV, 3×60′

Paul O Grady: The Sally Army & Me (formatted doc) BBC 1 6×30′

Perspectives: Len Goodman on Fred Astaire, (arts doc) 1×60′ ITV

Las Vegas, 24/7 6×60′ Channel 5

Abba: The Day the Women Left C5/Reelz USA 1×120’ (drama-doc)

George Michael: The Rise & Fall C5/Reelz 1×120’ (drama-doc)

Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror (drama-doc) C5/Reelz USA 1×120’

Prince: Sign O the Times (drama-doc) C5/Reelz USA 1×120’

Devon & Cornwall Police (ob-doc) ITV 4×30′

The Carpenters: Goodbye to Love (drama-doc) C5/Reelz USA 1×120′

In The Shadow of Mary Seacole with David Harewood (Spec Fact): 1×60′ ITV

I Never Knew That About Britain (formatted doc) 8×30′ ITV.

Britain’s Secret Homes, (formatted doc) 5×60′, ITV 1, 9pm, tx’d July 2013

Britain’s Secret Treasures (formatted doc) Series 1 & 2 ITV 1, 8pm, 2012

  • Shortlisted Broadcast Best Popular Factual 2012.
  • Spin off book

Steps Reunion, (formatted ob-doc) 4×60′, Sky Living, 9pm, 2011

  • Shortlisted Broadcast Digital Best Entertainment and Best Popular Factual

There’s No Taste Like Home, (format) 30×60′, ITV 1 Daytime, 2011

Four Weddings Series 3&4 (format) (2×13′ eps) for Sky Living

The Hairy Bikers Bakation (formatted doc) 6×60′ BBC 2

The Hairy Bikers Mums Know Best (formatted doc) Series 1&2, 6×60′, 8×60′ & Xmas special, BBC 2

Gears and Tears, 6×30′, (ob-doc on stock car racing) BBC 1, 10:35pm

Secret Britain, 4×60′, (formatted doc – the top secret beauty spots in the country as decided by the public) BBC 1, 9pm

Countryfile’s Seasonal Specials, 4×60′, BBC 1, 9pm

Make Me White, 1×40′ doc, (Anita Rani goes on a journey to uncover the trade in skin-lightening products) BBC 1, 10;35pm

Coast Series 6 & 2 new specials, 8×60′, BBC 2

Saira Khan Adopts Abroad, 2×60′ ob-doc, (Saira goes to Pakistan to adopt an orphaned girl) BBC 2

Danielle Lineker’s New Step Family – 1×60′ doc, (Danielle reveals what it’s like to be a step-mum to Gary’s children) BBC 3,

Kara Tointon, Don’t Call Me Stupid – 1×60′ doc, (Kara tackles her long-standing issue with dyslexia) BBC 3

The Gatwick Baby – Abandoned at Birth, 1×60′ doc, (Steven Hydes was found as a newborn at Gatwick airport – he goes in search of his Mum) BBC 3

Alice Roberts Wild Swimming, 1×60′, BBC 4

Happy Birthday OU, 1×60′, (a celebration of 30 years of the Open University) BBC 4

How to Read a Church 6×30′, (new talent Richard Taylor decodes the statues and imagery inside churches) BBC 4

To Kill a Mockingbird at 50  1×60’ BBC4